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Occupying Our Education

12/08/2011 22:42:11 PM

Occupying Our Education.This post was coauthored with Mark Paschal.Last Wednesday we were arrested with some 90 people, most of them fellow students, at a peaceful sit-in inside the Bank of America. We had a simple request. We would like the UC Regents, including Bank of America Board Member Monica ..

How China is Winning the School Race

12/07/2011 23:42:20 PM

How China is winning the school race.China's education performance - at least in cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong - seems to be as spectacular as the country's breakneck economic expansion, outperforming many more advanced countries.But what is behind this success?Eyebrows were raised when the ..

List of Idioms in the English Language

12/05/2011 01:08:36 AM

This is a list of idioms in the English Language. An idiom is a word or phrase, common in everyday conversation and understood within the culture, having a meaning completely different than the meaning of it's words. In the example "Kick the Bucket" the listener understands the meaning is "to die" w..

Teaching Reported Speech

12/01/2011 23:08:09 PM

Teaching Reported Speech.I give the students comic strips from the funny pages, and they have to summarize the direct speech. There are always lots of questions, and that makes especially good practice."I ask students to tell three secrets to a partner. Then this partner goes and tells these secrets..

Teaching Reflexive Pronouns

11/30/2011 23:47:57 PM

Teaching Reflexive Pronouns.quote Thank you very much, everything you share is very important to review or learn. Usually I start making the student see her/his face in a mirror to compare the situation and start expressing ideas using "myself", later they listen about the other cases of reflexive a..

China TEFL TESOL Education Alliance

11/30/2011 01:13:24 AM

China Education Alliance, Inc. Introduces Newly Developed Online Educational Game 'Fortune Island'. HARBIN, China, Jan. 7 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China Education Alliance, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CEUA) ("China Education Alliance" or "the Company"), a leading distributor of educational res..

Teaching Tag Questions

11/23/2011 03:46:13 AM

Teaching Tag questions.After I introduce the topic, we usually play bingo with tag endings. I give students cards like the bingo ones with different tag endings (for example ..., did she? ..., haven't they?). Then I take a paper and read the sentence (e.g. She went to the supermarket). If they have ..

Things I learned From a Teacher

11/22/2011 03:07:29 AM

The most important thing I learned from a teacher.Who inspired you?The role that teachers play in influencing the lives of their students is something that's been lost in current debates about education mandates and standardized testing. Teaching isn't just about making sure kids can pass exams. It'..

Super Duper Homonyms and Pronouns

11/17/2011 02:25:13 AM

Super Duper Homonyms and Pronouns An Interview with Clint Johnson.Clint, I understand that Super Duper has created two new educational grammar-based card decksLet me ask you some questions about them–1) What exactly are homonyms and why should we study them?Homonyms are words that we spell and..

Teaching Gramma First Conditional

11/12/2011 20:34:29 PM

Teaching gramma first conditional.Quote 1. I usually give some examples of superstitions, e.g. If you break a mirror, you will... (they give the answer, since they already know Future Simple Tense).2. Then I give some more oral examples for them to finish.3. After that they make their own examples.4..

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