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Young Workers: Top 6 Tips for Young Job Seekers

10/30/2013 03:23:58 AM

After you leave school or college and going for your first job, the  thought of your first job interview can be a daunting and scary task. But if you have studied the company and job description well and have some set answers to the expected interview questions, then you’ll feel much bet..

Jobs You can Start Right Away

09/24/2013 03:51:33 AM

Happiness! Let's define it. What does it take to smile and to enjoy your days? Is it money? Can you be really and honestly happy thanks to a fat bill inside your wallet? Is it the car or the furniture in the house? There is only one correct answer - family and close people. No matter what you th..

The Pay Scale for Nursing Assistants

06/06/2013 13:40:37 PM

Nursing Assistants are a valuable part of our medical facility staff. They offer ongoing care to patients at level most other staff donít have the time to. They tend to basic needs of bathing, feeding, and dressing. They also provide emotional support to the patient and the family. Nursing As..

SAIL Management Trainee Recruitment 2013 - 2014

03/23/2013 01:56:34 AM

Steel Authority of India need 558 management trainee for its upcoming recruitment 2013 drive. Online application can be submit only at website. Details of recruitment given below:  An opportunity to join SAIL as Management Trainee (Technical) or Management Trainee (Administratio..

The Best General Knowledge site

03/18/2013 23:16:22 PM

In my point of view is best site for General Knowledge and Current affairs,in this site tou could get more number of quiz questions also,Quizvook is a Great Quiz Portal that provides all types of Quizzes and the best website for current affairs. Quizvook is started on December,..

Choosing a Technology Career

02/04/2013 10:26:42 AM

My nephew recently completed his undergraduate studies and has begun his graduate work. As part of this he has become an intern requiring computer science skills. Besides the normal computer usage and required basic curriculum, he is now being exposed to more advanced requirements in Information Tec..

Now For Something Completely Different

01/26/2013 02:07:42 AM

As of three days ago, I have exactly one month until I’m unemployed.  As I've previously mentioned, I'm going to be unemployed next month, thanks to good ol' outsourcing.  While this does open up a few doors, I’m still scared.  I've only had two jobs in..

Brave Window Cleaners of the Empire State

01/18/2013 01:19:44 AM

Every time I pass under a building with people hanging on ropes from it, I wonder how tough it is. I and a climber myself, but climbing rocks seems easier than climbing a glass building. At least with rocks you have where to grip. I know that today there are many ways to secure yourself at such heig..

Make Money With Student Of Fortune

01/17/2013 11:01:14 AM

If it has never occurred to you that you can make money doing homework then you are in for a big surprise. Student of Fortune is a website that pays people for doing homework. It is another online money making opportunity and as of the time of this write-up, there are several people who make money w..

Exasperated" NYC educator laments teachers' conditions

11/13/2012 13:23:53 PM

he "Exasperated Educator" is New York City teacher who blogs anonymously about life in the classroom. Looking for cheery words? Don't look here. In a new blog post, Educator ponders over whether it's worse to be called a b***h by a student, or to be treated like one by the system teachers se..

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