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KIIT-College cum enjoymment hub

11/23/2011 09:27:12 AM

Kiit university is only deemed university in odisha. Kiit has very healthy environment for students like us. Speciality: 1.Manu : canteen cum lovers point.. every boy/girl finds their first crush in manu usually.It is the best place to take your girlfriend.It seems that is designed specia..

Scholarships : Across the World

11/23/2011 06:16:13 AM

Experts recommend that a student should ideally apply for more than one scholarship at a time to increase chances of at least one of them working out.You have more reasons to cheer up as studying abroad can now be not that expensive. If you are willing to travel abroad for higher education or pursue..

Teaching Gramma Too and Enough

11/22/2011 00:07:54 AM

Teaching Gramma Too and Enough.quote Give the rules of both in a very simple way and give importance to exercises, example sentences. I start with too. Students convert the sentences from too to enough."She is too young to go to a disco by herself." ________ (enough)"She isn't old enough to go to a ..

Teaching Wish

11/20/2011 23:25:01 PM

Teaching wish. quote Pictures work best. Something simple like a picture of someone running in the rain or a child crying (easy to find in magazines). Question students along the lines of:"What is she doing?" (running in the rain)"Does she want to be running in the rain?" (no)"What does she want to ..

Teaching Gramma Zero Conditional

11/19/2011 18:46:56 PM

Teaching gramma zero conditional.When it rains, my roof leaks. When my roof leaks, the walls get wet. When the walls get wet, they get moldy. When they get moldy, I get sick. When I get sick, I go to the doctor. When I go the doctor, he always says the same thing, "Fix your roof!"Then, I repeat the ..

Teaching Gramma Have and Have Got

11/19/2011 02:11:35 AM

Teaching Gramma Have and have got.quote "have" is passive, "get" is active. I don't believe the two words are compatible. You either have it or you get it. I got it yesterday. I have it today. 'Have got' is a sloppy, incorrect use of a combination of the two words.Kathyquote Thanks Kathy. So the fac..

Teaching Gramma Get Used To

11/18/2011 00:38:24 AM

Teaching Gramma Get used to.Quote) Have you ever lived or worked abroad? If you have, you probably went through culture shock. I have spent a year teaching in Africa and two years teaching in Japan. I can tell you, it took me a long time to get used to some of the local customs.(I then give some exa..

Teaching Gramma Future Perfect

11/16/2011 09:15:15 AM

Teaching Gramma Future Perfect. quote Not an idea as such, but more of a question. How can you put the future perfect tense into some kind of theme with an activation that upper intermediates can relate to? I'm really struggling with this.. help!"Candicequote It's easy, you can set a date in the fut..

Teaching Gramma Future Continuous

11/16/2011 00:12:29 AM

Teaching Gramma Future Continuous.quote We use the Future Continuous to say that an action will be in progress at a specific time in the future. This is something your pupils will all be familiar with. One will be smoking weed, the other will be doing their homework after school. When you start the ..

Teaching Gramma Third Conditional

11/14/2011 06:25:01 AM

Teaching Gramma Third conditional.Quote) After a reading or listening activity, I ask students to write down all the sentences starting with "if". I write one of the examples on the board:If it hadn't rained, he'd have gone to the beach.I elicit the form first and then ask concept questions:Did it r..

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