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15 Secrets to boost your IQ in 30 days

03/22/2013 16:34:45 PM

Audio:15 Secrets to boost your IQ in 30 days The reason that people visit the gym on a regular basis, is probably the same as the one you’re interested in raising your IQ. We are not challenged enough physically or mentally and we do not think about boosting our IQ. Setting asi..

Mind Maps for better studies

03/22/2013 16:32:32 PM

If you are a university or college student, you probably make notes when you are attending classes or reading your text books. Upon this you probably review the notes you made when you are preparing for exams, which enables you study better.You may have wondered if there a right way o..

POWER: Everybody wants it, has it, but DOES NOT use it!

03/22/2013 16:28:38 PM

  Let’s say that power begins in controlling something, but then the question rises- are we powerless prior to controlling it? There are no true and false answers – it can be both Yes and No! We have the potential, which is a power in itself, but if it is unused and u..

Best lecturers available to everyone

03/22/2013 16:24:47 PM

As one of the world’s most prominent philanthropists, Bill Gates is always interesting to listen to when the topic of “future of education” is in question. This technological pioneer is keen to present new, challenging ideas to the preexisting ones of how we learn, has been he..

Langenscheidt Online-Videokurse – Das Interview zur Markteinführung

03/22/2013 07:05:26 AM

  Langenscheidt hat ein neues Onlineangebot auf den Markt gebracht und bietet von nun an die Möglichkeit, mit Videokursen neue Sprachen zu lernen. Pünktlich zum Start der neuen Produkte, haben wir mit Langenscheidt gesprochen und präsentieren euch in diesem Beitrag die wichti..

[Update] News: Langenscheidt IQ für Französisch, Schwedisch und Italienisch veröffentlicht?!

03/22/2013 06:52:38 AM

  Still und heimlich hat Langenscheidt dieser Tage drei neue Langenscheidt IQs auf den Markt gebracht. Wer möchte, kann also nun mit dem Langenscheidt Flaggschiff auch Französisch, Schwedisch und Italienisch lernen. In diesem Beitrag klären wir kurz die wichtigsten Infos rund..

Die Wahrheit über das Sprachenlernen

03/04/2013 05:54:06 AM

Es gibt viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten, eine Sprache zu lernen. Es gab sie schon immer und mit dem Einzug des Internets haben sich entsprechende Angebote und Informationen rund ums Sprachenlernen nochmals vervielfacht. Ich wette, es ist gar nicht lange her, da bist auch du über irgen..

Kudos Mr. Affleck!

02/25/2013 16:25:34 PM

  Aside from the beautiful dresses and a few good chuckles, one of the great take ways from last night Academy Awards presentation was the message Ben Affleck delivered in this acceptance speech.  Early on in the evening, host Seth MacFarlane had kidded that Affleck had been overlooked in ..

Universities Abroad Join Partnerships on the Web

02/21/2013 20:52:55 PM

Universities Abroad Join Partnerships on the Web Over the last year, elite American universities have raced to stake out a place in the new world of free online courses — and now, universities around the globe are following suit.This week, the two largest ventures providing what are known..

Punjab TET Exam 2013 – Notification/Online Application Forms

02/09/2013 22:33:45 PM

Punjab TET Exam 2013 – Notification/Online Application Forms  STET Exam 2013 : Official Notification,Exam Dates,Eligibility,Online Application Forms.Get All details here.Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Test(PSTET). The PSTET Exam is conducting by the Punjab Government every year alm..

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