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The Virtues of Patience

Posted on 10/07/2013 08:46:40 AM

The proverb “Patience is a Virtue” can be traced back to the poem “Piers Plowman” written in 1377.  In the subsequent 636 years, this phrase has become part of our regular lexicon used by many people either as a) a prophylactic measure, a warning an “in ..

Oprah and the ABC's for Grads

Posted on 05/31/2013 10:20:49 AM

  Dear Grads….   Yesterday at Harvard University Oprah Winfrey was honored with the opportunity to address the graduating class of 2013.The theme of her keynote was the importance of resilience.  She reminded the students that no matter how power, successful (and wealthy) you b..

Teacher as Detective: Seeing the Classroom Through the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Lens

Posted on 05/22/2013 09:47:27 PM

     These days, every teacher in every classroom is not only an educator but is also a part-time psychologist, a part-time nurse and a part-time referee. As the demands of the curriculum seem to grow exponentially each year (as does the level of competition to succeed) so..

Choose culinary schools in Italy to learn the italian art of cooking

Posted on 05/21/2013 03:37:37 AM

Why you should attend culinary schools in Italy? Maybe you are just curious to discover something new in your life, or maybe you are a cooking lover and you want to know secrets behind good tasting dishes you eat. One more reason, not less important than the previous ones, is about job. Today, if yo..

Genext Education in Asansol offering MBA, JEE and BANK coaching classes

Posted on 05/20/2013 05:52:05 AM

Introduction:- Genext Education offers students a firm base upon which to launch and build a career. They recognize the needs of their students so that they can offer them the resources they need for success in their respective careers.  Genext Education provides many types of coaching classes..

Female Driving Instructors Accrington

Posted on 05/17/2013 10:00:21 AM

Are you looking to start driving lessons but would prefer to have a female driving instructor in Accrington?    driveJohnsons has a team of male and female fully qualified driving instructors that teach within Accrington. They are specialised in teaching very nervous pupils and always tail..

The best driving school in Aylesbury

Posted on 05/11/2013 06:28:56 AM

Are you looking around for the best driving school in Aylesbury ?   At driveJohnson's we know that if you are looking to join a good driving school, first thing you will do is ask around. There are many appealing offers on cheap driving lessons out there but is this all you look for in a drivin..

The Best Driving School In Enfield

Posted on 05/08/2013 06:09:05 AM

Welcome to driveJohnson's, a driving school in Enfield devoted to helping pupils pass with class!!   We strongly believe we have a lot more to offer pupils than any other school, making us the best driving school in Enfield! Our goals are simple we aim to help our pupils pass their tests first ..

Edutopia: What works best in education?

Posted on 04/30/2013 09:04:49 AM

Maybe you were not aware that the famous Director George Lucas has a well established Educational Foundation called Edutopia. With a dedication to improving the K-12 learning process, they support the documenting, disseminating and advocating innovative, replicable, and evi..

Can you use mind control to create an addiction?

Posted on 04/26/2013 02:02:12 PM

We have all heard it before - the most powerful human organ –the mind- is the least known to the scientist. Teams and teams have been working on its exploration, but it still remains a big mystery, some say that humanity barely knows 10 % of the actual mind structure functioning. Having said t..

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