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The Psychology of Online Scams

Posted on 10/19/2016 06:10:00 PM

Why do people fall victim to scammers? It’s largely because humans are sociable animals and the scammers take advantage of traits almost all of us share. These include herd instinct. If a lot of people have believed in something them it seems safe for you to believe in it as well. This works..

What to Do If You Have Been Scammed

Posted on 10/04/2016 04:23:32 PM

If you have been scammed, there are three key things to do Take steps to get your money back if possible If you have lost a significant amount of money or something valuable then contact the Police Take steps to protect yourself against further scams   A.     How to Get Yo..

How Writing Services Effect on Students Daily Life and Career

Posted on 10/03/2016 07:13:36 PM

Student life – while one may say that is filled with fun-filled activities, others may say how they are always buried under the rock of assignments. One might be a student going to college or high school, but there is no denying on the amount of assignments professors give. In the middle of as..

Help! My Email Address Is Sending out Spam Messages

Posted on 09/26/2016 11:45:22 AM

There are two scenarios here. One is that your email has been compromised and is sending out spam and that has to be stopped. Second is that your email address is still secure but someone is sending out spam messages and putting your email address in them as the sender. The most likely symptom if yo..

How to Spot Fake Invoices

Posted on 09/20/2016 05:11:42 PM

There is a very simple scam whereby the scammer sends out invoices by email or letter to random people and businesses claiming to be due to be paid or maybe overdue. Note: this is not the same as receiving an email labelled as an invoice but with an attachment that contains malware. What is the poin..

FBI List of Common Scams

Posted on 09/12/2016 10:30:57 AM

The following are some of the most common scams that the FBI investigates.   Telemarketing Fraud Telemarketing fraud is where the fraudster contacts  a potential victim by telephone.  The fraudster will pitch a product or service in order to persuade the victim  into purchasing g..

The Official Crime Survey 2015

Posted on 09/05/2016 03:06:40 AM

The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW),is considered to be the best measure of crime trends in the UK. The survey measures crime by asking members of the public, such as yourself, about their experiences of crime over the last 12 months. In this way the survey records all types of crimes expe..

Don’t Lose Your Holiday to a Scammer

Posted on 08/28/2016 04:34:28 PM

Holiday booking fraud is where a person pays for a holiday, flight or accommodation only to discover that it doesn’t exist. Fraudsters trick unsuspecting holidaymakers and travellers out of millions of pounds each year or leave them stranded with nowhere to stay through fake websites, false ph..

Have Fun with Cold Callers

Posted on 08/21/2016 07:26:55 PM

There are lots of ways you can have fun with those annoying cold callers. Here are some tried and tested methods. Enjoy. A.     Annoy Cold Callers By Wasting Their Time  There’s lots of ways you can waste their time Pretend you can’t hear very well and make them..

Fightback Through Scambaiting

Posted on 08/18/2016 02:53:28 PM

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe they have a right to defraud you – to con you out of your money and they try to do this through various scams by email and telephone predominantly. Some are very successful at this and make a great deal of money, which means that a lot of other people are..

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