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Make Moving House As Easy As Possible

06/24/2013 13:37:17 PM

The easiest way to facilitate the relocation is to draft a moving schedule and follow it to the letter. Down bellow we have written an example of well-planned moving schedule which you can use. Two months before the relocation: begin by learning more about the new area where you will move to. You c..

East Boston Street Condominiums

05/30/2013 02:47:39 AM

This is a small boutique condo building located in the popular Eastlake neighborhood.  Being on the south east side of Lake Union it’s close to downtown, I-5, as well as the University of Washington to the North.  It doesn’t have all the super high end finishes, but units are w..

The Vine Condominiums in Belltown

05/30/2013 02:43:04 AM

A two tower condo community on the northwest end of Belltown. The Vine Condominiums is  one of the first large scale condos in the newly emerging Belltown back in the early 2000’s it sits on a prime piece of land  close the waterfront and is close to the Olympic Sculpture Park, Myrtl..

Is your credit Holding you back?

05/28/2013 08:33:24 AM

We all want to own our own home;  Its an emotional issue.  Belonging.  Stability. Your refuge.  Your own lawn or Balcony away from the world. The New dynamic of Contract Employment and Now YOUR responsibility to remit taxes is creating a strata of Strong Income Earners who are p..

Tips for Investors to get through a Real Estate Market Crash to the other Side

05/22/2013 17:01:11 PM

 Is there little doubt about the fact that a Real Estate market crash can be frightening? I think it is for everyone; especially investors, however, the market is starting to look very good. When the market is good, it’s great; however, when it starts to slide it can be more than a little..

Assets, Advisers and Affordability

05/21/2013 16:18:19 PM

This is the reality check: what can you actually, realistically, afford to pay for your new property? In this article I will try to give advice on how to assess your own finances before entering the mortgage minefield. It is greatly different from what I've written before now and I will try to take ..

Real Estate and Properties in Chennai

05/21/2013 09:17:53 AM

We are an Organization managed by professionals of Real Estate business since 2005  which includes Construction, Building, Buying, Selling, Legal services, Leasing, Renting of properties in Chennai verticals with a motto “Service Excellence,” Transparency and Integrity as our princi..

Staging Your House for a Sale

04/25/2013 12:45:40 PM

If you are going to be selling your house, you need to be sure that you are able to stage your house for sale. There are a few things that you need to make sure that you are doing and you need to use these tips to help you best stage your home so that it all works and so that you are able to get jus..

John Parkinson Architectural Influence in downtown L.A., CA

04/24/2013 01:10:36 AM

John Parkinson Los Angeles, CA Architect John Parkinson was a Los Angeles architect that influenced the downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas commercial architectures. John B. Parkinson (1861-1935) was born in Lancashire, England.  In 1889 he moved to Seattle, Washington. Parkinson mo..

Covet thy Neighbour

04/23/2013 08:30:54 AM

Do you believe "ITS" better on the other side?  Do you covet their house?  The Landscaping? Their Curb appeal? Are your kids watching their kids in the tree house?  When you are looking for a condo; what is the criteria?   Display and presentation?  The ostentatious ..

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