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Rental Market Discrimination

04/22/2013 04:00:09 AM

Discrimination is a problem common to many walks of life, unfortunately the rental estate market makes no exception. Usually rental market discrimination is aimed at potential tenants whom the landlord dislikes due to one reason or another. Rental property discrimination is much like any other type ..

Antique Home Décor – Westside Homes Real Estate

04/20/2013 23:03:44 PM

Antique Home Décor – Your Westside Homes L.A., CA Inspire home décor indoors and outdoors with antiques. Contemporary décor trends classical one of a kind home furniture, art pieces and or accessories. Antique is item 100 years or older. Antique items: art, architecture, f..

Investors Selling Property Consider 1031 EXCHANGE

04/20/2013 16:50:07 PM

1031 Tax Exchange –Tax, Investment Strategy and Tax Planning Tool - Your Westside  Homes L.A. Real Estate Savvy property owners investor can take advantage of 1031 tax exchange. When selling an investment property combined state and federal capital gains tax can be as high as 15..

Paul Williams and Robert Byrd L.A. Westside Architects

04/19/2013 14:34:32 PM

Paul Williams and Robert Byrd L.A. Westside Architects in the early 20th century. Early 20th century (1920-1950) prominent Los Angeles architects were Paul Revere and Robert Byrd. These two architects influenced residential and commercial properties from downtown Los Angeles, Miracle Mile, Hancock ..

2013 Housing Market Forecast and Updates

04/19/2013 13:34:12 PM

2013 Housing ForecastUpdates Good News Finally, there was good news in the housing market in 2012 with positive forecast in 2013. California housing is expected to show slow recovery in 2013. Recovery for the secondstraight year.  Expected sold gains in 2013 are expected at 1.3 percent with 530..

Winning a Multiple Offer Bid in Toronto

04/19/2013 10:13:45 AM

When you are in a multiple offer situation and you are unclear of your direction;  here is some wonderful advice I recently absorbed.     Is you offer so good that the Buyer's will Say   Holy Sh**! Once you find out how much the house sold for, Is your response "Holy Sh**! I..

Smoking Makes It hard to sell your Toronto Condo

04/17/2013 09:19:20 AM

We only have a few cigarettes a day  -  now... We're trying to quit... Its his house, and he should be able to smoke.... Does the lingering smell of cigarette odors impact the dollar value of a home's sale price? Is repainting and new broadloom enough to change the smell?  What i..

Significant Changes Can Be Expected For Many Americans In Terms Of The "Essential Health Benefits" Plans

04/16/2013 10:19:24 AM

The Essential Health Benefits Package Significant changes can be expected for many Americans in terms of the "Essential Health Benefits" plans.Significant changes can be expected for many Americans in terms of the "Essential Health Benefits" plans that will be offered when states begin implemen..

Same Sad Story... or Spruce Up Spring with Spectacular New Siding and Trim!

04/16/2013 09:21:53 AM

It’s arrived!  After another hard, long, cold winter, spring is here!  The sun is out, soon the trees and grass will be bright green, and finally the gorgeous colors and hues of the multitude of flowers will appear.  Everything will be bright and beautiful – revitalized by..

How to Restore Original Home Features

04/08/2013 15:56:17 PM

Upon purchasing a period house that needs restoration of some sort, it would come a lot less pricey if the property keeps its original features. With a little effort and much luck, you can skilfully hide any damage that time or the previous owners have done. These are the kind of inconveniences you ..

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