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Minnesota USDA Rural Housing Loans are Still Available

12/01/2010 23:35:53 PM

For people that stay current with financial news there has been quite a bit of buzz with the USDA loans.  Earlier in the year there was a statement that the funds available for Minnesota USDA loans would be depleted by April.  Another statement said that new funds would be available.&..

Three Feet from Gold-Association

11/30/2010 16:31:09 PM

As promised another one of the five points to a successful life from “Three Feet from Gold” This topic is going to be on association. Some people believe that being in the right place at the right time is the way to success. In a way that is true, some people have had that happen to..

Three Feet from Gold-Action

11/30/2010 16:29:03 PM

The most important principal is of the book “Three Feet from Gold” is action. This is one thing that the majority of us will never use in our lifetime. Every day we are all blessed with many different things and given different opportunities.  However, we never take action or d..

Moving Labor – You Get What You Pay for

11/18/2010 15:05:40 PM

When it comes to hiring movers, a lot of people look for the cheapest deal they can get. While it is always a good idea to bargain shop, sometimes you need to spend a little money if you want the best quality of service possible. Moving labor is one of the biggest expenses of the whole process, so..

Canada’s Best Places to Invest: Winnipeg is #1.

11/15/2010 11:14:37 AM

A joint initiative between ReNew Canada and REVITALIZ LLC, the first annual Canada’s Best Places to Invest competition took place this summer. Communities across Canada took a survey and, based on the results, the jury chose its top three communities.For each question that was answered well&md..

5 fun things to do in North Scottsdale.

11/08/2010 16:38:55 PM

1. Climb Pinnacle Peak Mountain. Maybe not quite as iconic as the trail up the Camelback mountain but a really nice and simple climb. Great views of Sonoran desert. Stunning views all over North Scottsdale. 2. Listen to live music at the Hyatt Regency. The Hyatt has one of the prettiest lobby areas..

Don't spend your retirement account

10/29/2010 14:43:15 PM

Don’t take money out of your retirement savings to save a mortgage in foreclosure One of the biggest mistakes people make is using their retirement funds to try and save an underwater house.   Retirement funds are almost 100% protected from both the bankruptcy and the f..

Why your bank won’t even talk about a short sale.

10/29/2010 14:41:30 PM

So why is your bank so resistant to accepting a short sale?  The bank will tell you that there are many reasons.  The main reason:  your bank will have to immediately write down the value of the property to the amount the house sold for in the short sale.  Banks do not ..

Do you know if your mortgage is underwater?

10/29/2010 14:36:41 PM

Many people have watched the mortgage crisis unfold, never considering that they are one of the underwater mortgages everyone is talking about.  Currently more than 25% of home mortgages are underwater.  If you live in California, Nevada, Arizona or Florida and purchased your home betwee..

Don't hate your neighbor!

10/27/2010 13:17:50 PM

Why is it that average Americans will get extremely angry if they think their neighbor is taking advantage of the housing crisis?  Yet, they see no problem in corporations and rich people taking advantage of everyday Americans all the time?   The scales are not in balance.  &..

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