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Pound gains against Euro despite poor UK data

03/29/2012 11:12:22 AM

Friday 30th March 2012 Good morning. Well, what a difference a day makes. After seeing Sterling fall earlier in the week as outlined in a recent post, Sterling gained ground against a beleaguered Euro yesterday, however the Pound did fall away from the recent highs against the Dollar. And all of thi..

Pound falls on revised growth figures

03/29/2012 05:50:41 AM

Thursday 29th March 2012Good morning. It was a glorious day with unbroken sunshine across the UK yesterday, however the sun was not shining on the Pound, which took a drop against other currencies. So why did Sterling fall during trading yesterday? It dropped to a 2 week low against the Euro and..

Sterling hits a four month high against the dollar

03/28/2012 05:11:34 AM

Tuesday Morning saw Sterling hit its highest levels against the dollar since November 2011, with the GBP/USD cross briefly reaching $1.5999 before dropping back to the mid $1.59’s during the afternoon. It was the second day running that the dollar has lost ground against the pound followin..

Pound/Euro at 4 month high against USD, flat vs Euro

03/28/2012 04:40:47 AM

  Good morning. The Pound/Euro rate has been pretty flat so far this week, remaining around the €1.19 to €1.20 range. Against the US Dollar rates briefly hit a 4 month high above $1.60, before retreating slightly. Today we will take a look at what is causing recent movements, and the ..

Forex: How to start Forex and learn Forex the right way?Answer: Foundation.

03/27/2012 23:20:18 PM

Forex: How to start Forex and learn Forex the right way?Answer: Foundation. The Secret Trading Plan : ATON by Leunammjadnanas 1.1 Forex: How to start Forex and learn Forex the right way?Answer: Foundation. I believe that in everything we do, that we want to do well or succeed, Foundation is the key..

Sterling/Euro Forecast, Sterling/Dollar, Fundamental Data

03/27/2012 06:03:28 AM

In this week’s Report: UK Budget has little impact on exchange rates Sterling/Euro remains range bound at €1.19/€1.20 Pound/Dollar climbs near $1.60, but forecasts mixed Round up of the week’s data that may affect rates Sterling vs. Euro;Last week began positively for S..

Why Investors Use Derivatives for Hedging Currency Risks

03/21/2012 16:21:55 PM

Author: Nelly Naneva, LL.M, MBF, Markets Weekly After the collapse of Bretton Woods system in the early 1970, the exchange rates of major currencies became floating, thus leaving the supply and demand to adjust foreign exchange rates in accordance to their perceived values. The increase in volatilit..

Pay yourself first...

03/20/2012 21:58:43 PM

Want to know another great secret to accumulating money? Pay yourself first. Take this advice, when your employer pays you this friday...take 10% of your paycheck and pay yourself first. I know it is difficult, but I can give you one easy way to make sure that save.... Get a second bank account from..


03/20/2012 09:02:14 AM

¿Qué pasó a partir del verano 2007? ¿Qué pasó con los bancos en España? ¿Qué soluciones dieron los Gobiernos? ¿Sirvieron de algo estas soluciones? ¿Qué ocurre con los parados? ¿Por qué no se genera empl..

Will Not Paying Up Bring You To Jail?

03/15/2012 23:17:32 PM

Instant cash advance is the easiest and most convenient way for people to obtain the necessary money in less time and with less hassle. That is why when people are faced with financial troubles, such type of loan seems to be the most viable answer. It is because of this that a person tends to ab..

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