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Forex – Affiliate Program (

04/05/2012 21:28:08 PM

Online Forex Trading | Forex Broker | Forex Company | Best Forex Broker | United World Capital Become our forex affiliate and expand your network of referrals for unlimited earning potential. Join an affiliate scheme of excellence and reliability with the perspective of long-term collaborat..

United World Capital - FX-Mas Raffle Prize (

04/05/2012 07:40:39 AM

We are glad to inform you that on the 2nd of April , United World Capital has organized the FX-Mas Raffle Prize for all its partners  who participated  in the Most Volume and Most New Traders Contests  and  who met the eligibility criteria Now, the time has come to announce thewi..

Beginners in the stock market: 6 starter tips

04/05/2012 04:35:11 AM

In here i am going to give you 6 tips that i think are crucial for starting investors.   1- Investing is not a hobby, it will take a lot of you time, attention and dedication. It's your money there, you should take it seriously.   2-Find a good investment management software, nowadays you ..

Currency Options Trading for Hedging Currency Risks

04/05/2012 03:53:35 AM

Author: Nelly Naneva, LL.M, MBF, Markets Weekly Currency risk is part of the operational and financial risk, associated with the risks of adverse movement of exchange rate of one currency relative to another. In comparison to investments in local assets, the fluctuating exchange rates represent an a..

When a baby comes calling

04/04/2012 16:00:02 PM

  If you have ever been advised that your better half is pregnant and you are unprepared, or maybe you just don't want the child, the months ahead, as you deal with the pregnancy could be trying at best. The coming weeks of pregnancy can be unsettling as you try to deal with the fact ..

United World Capital Bonus Program (

04/04/2012 07:17:32 AM

Trading Credit Amnesty – Credit Bonus Becomes Cash Ever wished to have a loan amnesty? United World Capital offers you a unique chance now. How can you get your loan credit restored? Through the smartest way in the history of brokers! Trade with us and convert $2.5 of your credit into real mon..

Renowned Arizona Home Builders Partner for Solterra Venture

04/02/2012 02:46:53 AM

Dorn Homes and Fairfield Homes, two renowned Arizona home builders, opened 2012 with a joint venture on Solterra, a 256-lot active adult community in Green Valley. The name of the joint venture community, Solterra, comes from the Spanish words sol (sun) and tierra (earth). It features four 1,400 to..

How To Become a Professional Forex Trader – Part 1: Building the Foundation

03/30/2012 21:58:40 PM

How To Become a Professional Forex Trader – Part 1: Building the Foundation Source: In the article, Nial Fuller writes about 3 Basic and important step when coming t..

GBP/USD weekly overiew

03/30/2012 05:58:42 AM

It was another choppy week for the pound/dollar cross as data in the U.S and UK led to big swings in the currency markets. Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke expressed a note of caution on the U.S economy early on in the week which pushed rates to their highest levels since November. Mr Bernanke has..

Is the UK heading back into recession?

03/29/2012 11:13:43 AM

Thursday was a fairly stable day for the GBP/USD cross following the previous days loses, over the course of the morning rates fell by 0.5% to a low of $1.5863 before recovering back into the $1.59’s towards the end of the afternoon.Data released on Thursday morning showed that British house p..

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