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Learn Why Most SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES Think It's Important To Create a Financial Plan.....

09/10/2013 14:21:59 PM

Financial Planning is a systematic way of organizing your resources (money, time, etc.) in order to accomplish your financial goals in life.   Creating a financial plan will lead you to assess your current financial situation, set long and short term financial goals, as well as create a bu..

10 Benefits Every Plan Must Offer Under Health Care Reform

09/09/2013 19:49:31 PM

Health care reform requires that all individual and small group health plans offer these 10 essential benefits starting in January 2014. Many of the benefits weren't provided or fully covered in the past, so including them means more benefits with more protection for you.Ambulatory patient..

Stand Out by Getting Off The Fence

09/03/2013 12:26:01 PM

Many people will never get rich simply because they will never take action towards their dreams and goals. I call it the Sitting on the Fence Syndrome.  I don't know how many times I have talked to people and they say that they are going to do something similar to what I have already done. Mont..

Plan Your Future - Best Business Ideas With Low investment

08/29/2013 14:46:40 PM

Best business ideas with low investment - For a select group of budding entrepreneurs, finding company suggestions with low investment can be a requiring activity. There are many individuals in this globe who that can potentially succeed entrepreneurs and it's unusual that so many of these people ne..

Why Everyone Should Seek Advice From An Experienced Health Insurance Agent

08/20/2013 14:26:49 PM

We, as health insurance agents, are currently being trained to give advice in order to determine who is best served on their current plan (group or individual), and on or off the marketplace (exchange).  In order to do so, we will need to know your Adjusted Gross Income..

Take A Closer Look At Indexed Universal Life Insurance

08/15/2013 10:57:52 AM

Indexed Universal Life effectively exploits the sweet spot between safe, low-rate permanent life insurance and riskier variable life insurance.  My clients love the compelling value proposition of a greater potential upside in stock market growth accompanied by the protection from dow..

What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

08/12/2013 16:08:48 PM

Changes in Critical Illness from 2000 - 2008. You know the realities of health conditions have changed. Everybody knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke. So many of these people’s lives and the financial security of their families' are turned upside d..

Why You Still Need A Local Insurance Agent

08/12/2013 16:07:18 PM

Insurance is getting too complicated due to Healthcare Reform, it's not the same insurance world we were  all able to navigate through a few years ago on our own.  It may look like you are getting the best deal ever while navigating through a site for a health insurance agent in Georgia or..

Healthcare Reform – IPAB Will Change Healthcare As We Know It

08/12/2013 16:05:44 PM

How does the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) affect people? Since 2010, insured have enjoyed free wellness care, as long as it fits the guidelines set forth in PPACA.  ( for details of the wellness treatments you are eligible for.)&nbs..

Affirmative Defense: Will It Work in Response to a Credit Card Lawsuit?

07/16/2013 10:27:52 AM

Any consumer’s worst nightmare involve getting a summon from a debt collection agency. Dealing with them can be an annoyance, especially when they keep harassing you. But once you receive a letter of summon from the court, you simply cannot ignore them. You need to know the proper method on ho..

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