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Secrets to a Successful Investor Presentation

Posted on 12/20/2013 12:34:07 AM

Ten Tips to create a great PowerPoint investor presentation or pitch deck to raise capital, money, and sell your vision. Presentation expert shares secrets and examples to successful investor presentations When prospective clients ask me if I've ever worked to develop an investor pitch de..

Bernie Madoff May Be Right

Posted on 12/10/2013 08:04:05 AM

No one who has the least bit of interest in their financial future, be it because of pensions or saving for retirement or anything else regarding money, is unfamiliar with the king of king of Ponzi schemes. To wit, the completely unforgettable Bernie Madoff who is serving his sentence of 150 years ..

Consolidating your debts is often over looked by many say's Lending Expert's

Posted on 12/09/2013 02:20:22 PM reports that many of the people and clients they speak to regards their current debt and loan repayments are missing out on huge savings. The business reports that there are huge amounts of people who are paying far too much in interest rates and fees when there are much better d..

Essential Information for Buying Life Insurance

Posted on 11/18/2013 01:32:24 PM

When you’re young and single, buying life insurance often seems like a distant priority. However, life events like marriage and the birth of children can quickly change your mind. Life insurance is a valuable financial resource that can help ease a family’s financial burden, especially w..

Three Tips That Help Assure Success When Getting A Mortgage Broker

Posted on 11/13/2013 10:16:08 AM

When you find yourself in the job of obtaining to locate the very best mortgage loan do you have any idea how to start? Many people usually do not and that is why finding the optimum mortgage broker, that means they have got the best passions in imagination, could be an excellent thought when search..

Why Invest Your Money In Your Business?

Posted on 11/06/2013 12:16:21 PM

In the journey of starting a new business, every entrepreneur starts out in the same place: with an idea and a dream. The objective is finding a way to bring the idea to life so the dream can be fulfilled, and this is usually accomplished by raising a considerable amount of startup collateral. Wher..

Your Lenders And Mortgage Brokers Information To Better Give You A Hand On Your Loans

Posted on 11/02/2013 09:45:21 AM

Mortgages are provided or promoted by various kinds of lenders. Your loan can be had from house loan banks and brokers, credit rating unions and mortgage bankers, where by typically, the financial institution receives an origination cost or brokerages cost while confronting mortgage brokers. The le..

The Lost of N18b to Bank fraud in 5 years in Nigeria

Posted on 10/01/2013 06:26:14 AM

Nearly N18b has been ripped off by bank swindlers who deployed varied methods to steal customer’s saving from Banks in five years between 2005 and 2013; six reports by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) show this. The CBN said that various theft were carried out on many banks through fraudulen..

Put Money in Your Pocket Today

Posted on 09/12/2013 09:36:25 AM

The way to truly become wealthy is to stay away from so called investments that promise huge gains at some future date. These types of investments are generally very profitable for the promoters and if you look closely there are absolutely no guarantees for the investor.   Instead, focus on bui..

Learn Why Most SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRES Think It's Important To Create a Financial Plan.....

Posted on 09/10/2013 02:21:59 PM

Financial Planning is a systematic way of organizing your resources (money, time, etc.) in order to accomplish your financial goals in life.   Creating a financial plan will lead you to assess your current financial situation, set long and short term financial goals, as well as create a bu..

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