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Power of Trust: 5 Personal Secrets for Building Trust in Relationships

09/21/2011 10:28:51 AM

Initially it seemed that identifying a need that connects to my passion was enough. Yet, I am drawn, once again, to grubbing, that is to clear by digging up the roots of my desire to mitigate frustration between business owners and Gen Y employees. Personal integrity builds trust in relationships, a..

Frustration at Work: What To Do When Your Gen Y Employee Is All Day on the Cell Phone?

09/21/2011 10:17:46 AM

Would you like to know what to do when you see your Gen Y employee on his cell phone or social Would you like to know what to do when you see your Gen Y employee on his cell phone or social networking almost all day? You will when you read this article. I stopped into the office of a friend not..

Frustration at Work: Even The Gen Y Boss Has Issues With The Y Generation

09/20/2011 22:59:51 PM

Question #1: Is it possible for a Gen Y business owner to be frustrated with Gen Y employees over work ethic? Answer: Not only do Boomer business owners experience frustration with young employees, Gen Y owners do too. I visited a unique social enterprise in my town to find out why it has ..

Step By Step Process On How To Build A Resume

09/20/2011 09:32:58 AM

The most important thing for a person who is seeking a job is to learn how to build a resume in a step by step manner. A good resume does not guarantee a good job. However it reduces your efforts to a great extent in getting a job. Nowadays, even if you are looking for a low salaried job or low wage..

Career Directions: Anywhere But Here

09/11/2011 11:13:48 AM

A friend of a friend was telling me about hating her job —how everything and everyone related to it emotionally drained her. She was bored, unchallenged, and a few other adjectives that meant she was leaving, resigning and didn’t want to work there anymore. She said she spent every free ..

Tips on How to Make your Resume Stand Out

09/06/2011 17:03:18 PM

With the job market saturated - often with thousands of job applicants per job posting, it has become more and more important for job seekers to find effective and even creative ways to entice recruiters and potential employers to review their resume. More often than not, a job opening ends up..

The Do's and Dont's When Job Searching

09/06/2011 17:02:02 PM

There is a certain etiquette and level of professionalism that you should maintain when launching a job search. Often times, we make a first impression to a potential employer without even realizing it. Below are some Do's and Dont's to ensure you make the best possible first impression to a p..

Interview with John Grubbs, author of Surviving the Talent Exodus

09/05/2011 21:27:15 PM

People are not trained to deliver effective meetings and often they follow the same familiar and broken models of the past. Training and development is a skill we need to learn - passing information is not training.1) Hi John, thanks for the interview. How did you get started in this area?..

The Reality of Learning

08/28/2011 22:36:58 PM

It was just last year ago that I knew nothing about medical transcription. How could I have known? I was stuck in the middle of school studying. Everyday was the same day. No news. Internet was such a slow poke that I could even take a nap before a page completes its download. But when a friend ..

Truth about medical transcription

08/28/2011 22:29:55 PM

There have been many misconceptions about medical transcription. Some say it provides a good source of income, while others say it gives them the time to spend quality time with their children working at home. But the whole true story is nothing compared to that. All the sweet talk about medical..

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