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Tips on How to Make your Resume Stand Out

09/06/2011 17:03:18 PM

With the job market saturated - often with thousands of job applicants per job posting, it has become more and more important for job seekers to find effective and even creative ways to entice recruiters and potential employers to review their resume. More often than not, a job opening ends up..

The Do's and Dont's When Job Searching

09/06/2011 17:02:02 PM

There is a certain etiquette and level of professionalism that you should maintain when launching a job search. Often times, we make a first impression to a potential employer without even realizing it. Below are some Do's and Dont's to ensure you make the best possible first impression to a p..

Interview with John Grubbs, author of Surviving the Talent Exodus

09/05/2011 21:27:15 PM

People are not trained to deliver effective meetings and often they follow the same familiar and broken models of the past. Training and development is a skill we need to learn - passing information is not training.1) Hi John, thanks for the interview. How did you get started in this area?..

The Reality of Learning

08/28/2011 22:36:58 PM

It was just last year ago that I knew nothing about medical transcription. How could I have known? I was stuck in the middle of school studying. Everyday was the same day. No news. Internet was such a slow poke that I could even take a nap before a page completes its download. But when a friend ..

Truth about medical transcription

08/28/2011 22:29:55 PM

There have been many misconceptions about medical transcription. Some say it provides a good source of income, while others say it gives them the time to spend quality time with their children working at home. But the whole true story is nothing compared to that. All the sweet talk about medical..

Expanding Your Income Opportunities

08/27/2011 20:03:19 PM

<!--[if gte mso 10]> Making money these days need not be as difficult as most people think it should be. In fact, you do not have to sweat it off just so you could earn a buck. With the emergence of new technology, money-making activities which you never thought of as possible ten or fifteen yea..

Corporate America, will they ever learn?

08/13/2011 14:26:54 PM

The root of many corporate/company problems is this. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Clark Howard on CNN uses the phrase 'customer no-service'; and it’s sad but true. If you owned a company, or were in charge of it; think about how you would treat a customer, then think about how your under-paid customer se..

Being Comfortable Working at Home is More Productive

07/25/2011 21:16:40 PM

When you decide that you are going to work from home, make certain that you have a comfortable place to do your work in. Working from home and being comfortable is going to make you more productive. This article shares information with you on working from home and being comfortable in order to be ..

Work at Home Careers.com

07/25/2011 21:14:45 PM

Work at home careers.com is a work at home site full of job opportunities for those choosing to work out of the home. Choosing to work at home can be life changing a little frightening for some. However, knowing where to find legitimate jobs is half of the battle. If you haven’t already dev..

More NAFTA, More Bad Deals

07/11/2011 22:00:44 PM

July 11, 2011. Mexico City. President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon signed a deal that will officially, temporarily at least, fulfill a long argued portion of NAFTA. The North American Free Trade Agreement was signed into law in 1994. At the time, both party’s leadership cham..

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