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6/29/12 Fantastic Friday-Finding a Way Out of No Way

06/29/2012 13:20:21 PM

Fantastic Friday- it is fantastic to find new and creative ways to solve what seems like an impossible situation. On occasion, the things we have to deal with situations at home and at work that seem impossible to overcome. At those times we exhaust all our contacts, we spend many nights pacing..

Multi-Level Marketing Success Manual

06/12/2012 13:18:16 PM

If you're like the 50 Million Americans who are unemployed or UNDER-Employed, which means you're barely keeping your head above water, then you need to LEARN how to make a NICE 2ndary MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME that KEEPS on GROWING every MONTH until you can find your FINANCIAL FREEDOM. GOOD NEWS: ..

Getting a Job After University: Where to Begin

06/12/2012 08:45:06 AM

A recent article made me a bit more interested in this topic. It's a constantly revolving door where employers want a bunch of experience for lower level/entry level positions, yet how are students and recent grads supposed to get this experience in the first place? The article is in fact a letter t..

Crafting The Life You Want - The Power of Habits

06/11/2012 08:33:35 AM

In Focus This Week - - The Concept of Habits #productivity #success #performanceA book recently released call the The Power of Habits, I consider a must read for anyone who wants to craft a purposed life, who wants to get and/or exercise control of their lives...dare I say raise successful children...

Five Questions to Ask the Locum Tenens Agency

06/07/2012 17:04:06 PM

Let's say you're considering becoming a general surgery locum after working 5 to 10 years in a staff position. You obviously know there are certain things to do in terms of applying to staffing agencies, writing a good CV, and preparing for an interview. But once you're in the interview, will you be..

Family Medicine: Getting to Know Patients

06/07/2012 16:57:24 PM

Bruce is a general practitioner from central Florida who's been running his own solo practice ever since he completed his residency 15 years ago. When asked what he loves most about family medicine jobs he does not hesitate; Bruce loves getting to know his patients. Being in a solo practice gives hi..

Delay for I-129 Petitions

05/30/2012 09:37:15 AM

Due to the high number of recently filed I-129 petitions with USCIS, customers may experience a longer than usual period of time to receive a receipt notice from USCIS.  Usually, customers can expect to receive their receipt notice within 30 days of delivery confirmation.  However, due to ..

New Rules for Entry Into Canada Change Little

05/30/2012 09:28:20 AM

In reviewing the comments from sportsman on my website (http://www.sportsmanlawyers.com)  I have heard it all.   There have been comments from thankful folks that can cross the border to hunt the Canadian Rockies due to an application for rehabilitation, to sad stories of..

Weekly Vs Monthly Pay

05/23/2012 06:46:48 AM

We all look forward to payday, when financial pressure takes a temporary reprieve. Yet not everyone has the same pay day, or even payment structure. While some opt for a monthly salary, others will have theirs paid every week. So the question is, is either of these options better than the other? Is..

Salary Negotiation - 7 Steps to Earning More

05/23/2012 06:43:54 AM

Everyone has the right to feel that they are earning what they are worth within their job role. The problem is that asking for a salary increase can be awkward. Most employees don’t realise that it is acceptable to approach your boss about a pay rise, even within their current role, and withou..

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