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Overcoming passive resistance to innovation

Posted on 11/22/2015 08:56:06 AM

The development and introduction of new products are important for the long term success of a company. When new products are being introduced to the market, there is always a concern for customer resistence. Customer resistance can be active when it is based on a negative evalution of the ..

Helpful Social Media Marketing Advice For Businesses

Posted on 11/15/2015 09:08:33 PM

Social Media: the most recent wave of website marketing genius. Or perhaps you've been hearing a good deal about these sites for businesses and you'd like an idea of how to go about it, then this article is for yourself, if you need a new way to market your business. It will walk you through ways to..

Online Reputation Management For The Valuable Of The Business

Posted on 11/11/2015 04:33:20 PM

Reputation Management have been the process of following individuals’ action plus discovering the feedback from other people regarding this action. Absolutely not only the case in public, it could take in animals, your company, and also destinations or else supplies. But in this occasion peopl..

Return on investing in social sustainability

Posted on 10/18/2015 04:22:14 AM

Nowadays, many companies engage in social causes that are aligned with the social concerns of their customers. In the Strategy Blog “Business sustainability and cost of equity” it was shown that social sustainability has a more indirect effect to business performance. In the No..

Spray Booth Painting Filter Maintenance for Beginners

Posted on 09/13/2015 03:58:22 PM

Spray painting tasks for different industrial applications aren’t just defined by the choice of paint used, and the design and construction of spray booths. Quality services are also influenced by responsible and pro-active use of spray booth filters. Specifically, the end quality of the spray..

A guide to buying the best paint booth for the money.

Posted on 09/13/2015 03:54:31 PM

When looking to purchase a new paint booth there are many things to consider. One of the main factors in the plan is going to be cost. A new paint booth is a major purchase, probably the most expensive tool in your shop. Whether you are leasing or paying cash you want to get the most return on your ..

Is Munich a tech start-up hub?

Posted on 06/29/2015 04:20:23 AM

On Wednesday evening I was inside the Nymphenburg Castle and not as a tourist! I attended a PWNnetworking event where the founder of InterNations, Malte Zeek, told us about how he and his co-founders have built a successful internet company from scratch. The event was in English but we all spok..

Atlanta Corruption Investigation

Posted on 05/25/2015 02:27:29 PM

ATLANTA—Federal authorities have concluded an extensive public corruption and drug trafficking investigation that spanned over five years and the convictions of a Customs and Border Protection Officer from Atlanta’s airport, a DeKalb County Police Officer, and more than 10 drug trafficke..

Cities in L.A. County seize millions in civil forfeitures

Posted on 05/20/2015 09:32:05 AM

Cities in LA County seize millions in civil forfeitures. Enforcement agencies keep up to 80% of property seized under what’s known as civil asset forfeiture. The seizures by police in South Gate, Beverly Hills, Baldwin Park and other relatively small cities dwarf those made by much larger poli..

Asset Forfeiture Abuses by California

Posted on 05/20/2015 09:24:46 AM

Above the Law: Groundbreaking New DPA Report Finds Extensive Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuses by Numerous California Law Enforcement Agencies. In cities and small towns across the country — Baltimore jumps to mind at the moment — law enforcement has lost the trust of the communities they..

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