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Ergonomic and Affordable Crane Solutions - Part I

Posted on 08/23/2016 04:52:50 PM

Does your company need an overhead lifting solution yet you have limited floor space? Our large variety of wall-mounted and freestanding jib cranes are designed to support tool balancers, air balancers, vacuum lifters and hoists. Workers will enjoy the easy and ergonomic movement supporting greater productivity ...

I am a small business, why would anyone want to hack me?

Posted on 06/21/2016 03:12:17 PM

  Why would anyone want to hack my business? I am so small no one would ever want to hack me. Would they? These are questions many small business owners contemplate very frequently. Protecting your business against a data breach is not cheap. It includes training and educating your workforce how ...

GPS Fleet Management Solution

Posted on 02/23/2016 02:35:43 PM

Using GPS technology to increase fleet efficiency By: Sean Kimbrough, October 2015 Today’s business owners and fleet managers heavily rely on GPS technology to locate, direct and analyze a wide variety of day-to-day fleet operations. From optimizing route deliveries to evaluating driver behavior, ...

10 Primary Functions of Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

Posted on 02/23/2016 02:29:44 PM

Fleet GPS Tracking Systems are designed to save time and money As a business owner, operations vice president, or fleet manager, the primary concern of operating a fleet of vehicles is maximizing revenue while reducing expenses without sacrificing the customer experience. Monitoring drivers, managing ...

Benefits of Delivery Route Optimization

Posted on 02/23/2016 01:26:50 PM

How Route Planning is Beneficial for Your Delivery Fleet?   Proper planning of daily delivery routes can have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line by reducing fuel usage and lowering driver overtime wages. Through efficient route planning, companies can realize greater revenue while ...

7 Reasons Why Your Company Does NOT need a GPS Fleet Tracking System

Posted on 02/23/2016 01:21:37 PM

“GPS system? We don’t need no stinking GPS system”   You don’t care where your trucks/trailers are… The number 1 reason not to have a tracking system in place! Why do you need to know where your fleet is at any given moment? If all the fleet returns home at the end ...

Six types of insurance every small business needs.

Posted on 02/05/2016 04:45:26 PM

Every small business needs insurance. How much and what kinds of coverage needed is up to the business owner and their trusted insurance agent. There are six types of coverage every business owner should consider: General Liability, Workers Compensation, Business Property, Business Income and Expense ...

Positive marketing innovation

Posted on 12/05/2015 12:19:13 AM

In the December 2015 issue of the Journal of Business Research there is an interesting article about positive marketing. Positive marketing is the ideal form of marketing as it aims to create value for the firm and its customers and society. In that respect it is more than cause marketing, green marketing ...

Overcoming passive resistance to innovation

Posted on 11/22/2015 08:56:06 AM

The development and introduction of new products are important for the long term success of a company. When new products are being introduced to the market, there is always a concern for customer resistence. Customer resistance can be active when it is based on a negative evalution of the new ...

Helpful Social Media Marketing Advice For Businesses

Posted on 11/15/2015 09:08:33 PM

Social Media: the most recent wave of website marketing genius. Or perhaps you've been hearing a good deal about these sites for businesses and you'd like an idea of how to go about it, then this article is for yourself, if you need a new way to market your business. It will walk you through ways to ...

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