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23 Things Great Brands Do In Social Media

08/20/2011 10:36:24 AM

No one wants to invest time in something only to be mediocre at it. We want to be great. But before you can be great you have to understand what being great looks like. What are you trying to achieve and what are you aiming for? What do people who are great at X look like? Because before you can b..

Thai Language Translation: Challenges and Specifics

08/19/2011 16:01:17 PM

Thailand has never been governed by a European power nor had any foreign invasions, thus there is no other language among Thai which gained prominence. English is a mandatory subject at most Thai schools but the number of fluent speakers remains very low, especially outside Bangkok.   The afore..

Chinese language translation: Challenges

08/19/2011 15:56:50 PM

Business Chinese translation is in great demand nowadays. China is recognized as the new economic power. China is now the second biggest economy in the world and as a market it represents one fifth of the world population.  Since China has opened its doors to international business by becoming ..

5 traits every leader should have

08/18/2011 22:38:39 PM

    What is the definition of a leader? Many people confuse leaders with managers, claiming that a leader is organized, methodical, detail-oriented, etc. While all of this may be true, and certainly these are traits that effective managers should have, they are not necessarily the characte..

10 ways to work more securely

08/16/2011 05:33:59 AM

The security of your computer and data is crucial for you and the success of your company. Lost or stolen information can reveal company secrets or expose your confidential or personal information. The more you do to keep your computer secure, the safer your information will be. Use these 10 ti..

Difference between Canister and Upright Vacuums

08/11/2011 10:25:00 AM

Vacuuming is a very important part of house cleaning. It is probably difficult to make the decision what type of vacuum cleaner to use. Canister and upright vacuums work very well for all kinds of flooring, but they are completely different models. Before you purchase one of them, you should be awar..

10 Steps for Making a Major Life Change

08/11/2011 05:13:56 AM

As human beings, we’re creatures of habit. No wonder making a major life change is so hard! But it can be done. Follow these steps to get your change in motion, one easy step at a time: 1. Identify the price of maintaining the status quo. Not making the change you know you need to make is ..

Why Group Study Can Better Prepare You For The PMP

08/09/2011 19:38:59 PM

The Project Management Professional exam, or the PMP as it’s commonly known, can take a good deal of time to properly prepare for. This includes familiarizing oneself with the test protocol, as well as studying for the questions themselves. Those who do not take a class to prepare often find ..

Advice For Handling Team Members Who Want To Work Without The Team

08/09/2011 19:28:13 PM

Sometimes despite the best efforts of the team leader, a team will wind up with that one outlier, or the person who prefers to work by himself and not participate in group or team work or activities. This person may be somewhat shy or antisocial, or may simply want to focus on his assigned role and..

What Our Dogs Can Teach Us About Teamwork

08/09/2011 19:21:45 PM

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? The idea that we can learn about teamwork from dogs, or become better team leaders or members because of lessons learned from our canine companions. And yet there are in fact lessons that can be taken from observations on how dogs interact with each other, as well as..

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