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Improving benefits for your team –how to negotiate better benefits to improve morale

09/25/2011 08:45:00 AM

Negotiating improved benefits in these days of rampant layoffs can be a tricky maneuver, as many people are simply happy to have jobs and are striving to keep them, without asking for more from their employers. As a project manager, however, you are in a unique position in that you’re not advo..

How to manage your project team through layoffs

09/25/2011 08:33:20 AM

Layoffs are a common occurrence these days in most companies, and for some firms more than others. It almost goes without saying that the fear of impending layoffs will have a serious and negative impact on employees, who wonder if they’ll be next and will not be able to give their own jobs th..

Frustration at Work: Can You Lead Gen Y in Ways That Reduce Frustration and High Costs of Turnover?

09/23/2011 20:57:16 PM

Yes, and you will know how when you read this article. By understanding generational differences company owners and managers can learn how to get expected results from Generation Y employees, keep them longer, and lower the high cost of turnover. Traditionalist and Baby Boomer business owners and ma..

How to Turn Frustration Over Generational Differences Into Positive Gen Y Functions

09/22/2011 20:21:49 PM

Do you know how to turn your frustration with Gen Y employees into benefits for your company? Read this article and you will learn how four generations are attempting to understand each other and get quality work done at the same time.   "Our answer is the world's hope. It is to rely on youth"..

Generational Differences: 3 Strategies for Adapting to Workplace Change

09/22/2011 20:17:13 PM

Do you understand how to adapt to changes that frustrate you at work? When you read and use this article you will have less frustration at work.   "There is perhaps an increase in people's frustration and inability to cope with rapid changes taking place in the world today in all dimensions, f..

Generational Differences: Imagine Optimum Performance From Your Millennial Employees

09/22/2011 20:04:42 PM

Do you know one of the biggest challenges in the workplace today? You will when you read and use this article.   Millennial employees seem to want something different than their coworkers, don't they? This is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace today; knowing what this generation wan..

Generation Y in the Workplace: How Any Manager Can Know and Understand Differences in Generations

09/22/2011 20:01:35 PM

A Mature generation friend asked after the Grammy Awards, "What was that?" Generational differences get in the way of understanding what's happening today and why there is frustration at work among Baby Boomers bosses and Gen Y.   A Mature generation friend asked after the Grammy Awards, "What ..

Generational Differences: Help for Keeping Love in the Generational Divide

09/22/2011 19:57:13 PM

Have you ever felt totally clueless about something you believe you did to make someone furious with you? Your 40 something (Boomer/Gen X) daughter told you she doesn't want see you, will not return your phone calls and emails and have pretty much written you off in her life for reasons that are not..

Baby Boomers: What They Need to Know About Changes and Generation Y in the Workplace

09/22/2011 19:54:08 PM

People don't want to say much but, they're stressed about how to work with Generation Y and are trying to make it work. If you want to know the truth, it is more than this young generation causing conflict in the workplace; it's broad changes in the way business is being done and Gen Yers play a big..

Generational Differences: 3 Favorite Mistakes of Baby Boomers in The Workplace

09/22/2011 19:49:06 PM

If you are a Boomer experiencing frustration with four generations at work, you are not alone. Many employees today, whether Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X or Gen Y, are finding it a challenge to understand what other generations are thinking when it comes to time at work, dedication and work ethic..

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