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3 Steps to a Better Network

Posted on 10/03/2011 11:04:45 PM

Having the right network is crucial to getting ahead in today’s organizations. But far too many people waste valuable time investing in fruitless connections. Here are three steps to build a more productive network: Analyze. Identify the people in your network and what you get out of int..

3 Ways to Be a Better Global Collaborator

Posted on 10/03/2011 10:06:55 PM

In our increasingly globalized world, it is essential to know how to collaborate with people from different cultures. But it’s not enough to take a class or read a book. Here are three tips for building your global savvy with culturally-diverse colleagues: Be aware of your actions. Be cogn..

Flim Flam the Bane of Relativism

Posted on 10/03/2011 09:27:54 PM

Make marketing your number 1 tool when developers come a-knocking! My insurance premiums hit the roof until I discovered this golden secret! Invest wisely, and you won't get hurt. But, remain calm during traffic intersections. Tunisia, Istambul, Cleveland: All the same to some, but different to othe..

Frustration at Work: What To Do When Generation Y Walks Out of Employee Training

Posted on 10/03/2011 01:59:07 PM

A new Gen Y employee leaves employee training because he feels it’s not something he needs. What to do? When you read this article you will know.   I heard recently about a newly hired Gen Y teacher who left training a few hours after it started explaining to the other teachers that it wa..

3 Questions to Ask Before Adopting that Best Practice

Posted on 10/01/2011 10:17:31 AM

Best practices are alluring. If other companies have already determined the best way to do something, why not just do what they did? But before you run off to collect best practices from the leader in your industry, ask these three questions: What are the downsides? Implementing a practice tha..

Hire After Builders Cleaning Services

Posted on 09/28/2011 11:09:31 AM

No matter if you have a new home built, or you have done a large renovation, it is very likely that the builders have not left the area clean and tidy. After builders cleaning services are always needed in this case. Professional cleaners will come to your place and make it look as you like it. Bef..

The unemployed PMP – how to stay on top of your game

Posted on 09/28/2011 12:34:00 AM

While the PMP is an important credential that can aid immensely in the job search, there’s no denying that this is an extremely difficult and competitive job-hunting environment, one in which even the most qualified might have a longer job search period than they anticipated. Or in some cases,..

Improving benefits for your team –how to negotiate better benefits to improve morale

Posted on 09/25/2011 08:45:00 AM

Negotiating improved benefits in these days of rampant layoffs can be a tricky maneuver, as many people are simply happy to have jobs and are striving to keep them, without asking for more from their employers. As a project manager, however, you are in a unique position in that you’re not advo..

How to manage your project team through layoffs

Posted on 09/25/2011 08:33:20 AM

Layoffs are a common occurrence these days in most companies, and for some firms more than others. It almost goes without saying that the fear of impending layoffs will have a serious and negative impact on employees, who wonder if they’ll be next and will not be able to give their own jobs th..

Frustration at Work: Can You Lead Gen Y in Ways That Reduce Frustration and High Costs of Turnover?

Posted on 09/23/2011 08:57:16 PM

Yes, and you will know how when you read this article. By understanding generational differences company owners and managers can learn how to get expected results from Generation Y employees, keep them longer, and lower the high cost of turnover. Traditionalist and Baby Boomer business owners and ma..

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