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Baby #3: Because We're Certifiably Insane & Extremely Lucky

I have not had the time or energy or motivation at all to blog lately. Not at all. But if anyone has been following along and doesn't follow me on FB/ Instagram.... we have 3 kids all of a sudden! Three boys to be exact. I can't believe this has actu

Post-Placement & Finalization

Those first few weeks after we brought Shak home were 1) exhausting and 2) emotionally complicated. We hung in there and knew they'd pass. And they did. It got much easier once we processed some things and recognized where some things were coming fro

Kal's 4th Birthday + Shak's Baby Shower

Kal turned 4 in March. His birthmama and I always share in the excitement over that day. She's so proud of him and thinks he's as amazing as I think he is. :)

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