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Added: February 20, 2013
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After I got used to working again and Kal was in school full time and we just barely were in the swing of things, Zay had this urge to make a change himself. He has been bored and unhappy in his job lately. He knows he's destined to do so much more i

My 29th Birthday

I was actually sick on my birthday this year. Completely wiped out. Thought I was dying. The whole family was sick actually. I went back in my journal to see if I had written anything on Sept 27th.... but nope. Not worth remembering. Lol. I wrote on

The Race

I posted this on my FB not too long ago (and then had to listen to unsolicited advice... blah) about our "plans" (which really aren't set-in-stone plans but a doing-whatever-we-can-and-see-what-happens kinda thing):Because I'm spotty with my updates

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