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Added: February 20, 2013
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New Year's Resolutions - Plus Baby #2's Name!

It's still January, right? I can talk about New Year's Resolutions. :)We started the year with big ideas about sticking to a Paleo/Whole Foods type of diet. We did great... for 3 whole weeks. Then I found out my mom was going to have heart surgery (i

Reverse Psychology

Remember how I was all like, "Adding to our family is not working out for us. We can't just wait around anymore. We've gotta plunge ahead with life plans." ? That's when I decided to go back to work... and Zay quit his job and started full-time schoo

Ancestry DNA Tests

I'm pretty fascinated with my DNA right now. Is that weird? Ha ha.I ordered 3 DNA tests from Ancestry.com as my Christmas present. :) It was so funny trying to get Kal to spit in the tube. He actually turned out to be a great spitter. He just didn't

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