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Added: February 20, 2013
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Summer is for Swimming

As soon as we moved, we had to stake out the nearest swimming pool. It is entirely too hot not to! For Utah to be known as a snowy place, it most definitely does get hot and bright in the summer. Gah! It's a desert, I have to remind myself. So we fou

Feeling at Home

We looooove the new place we're living in. Feels like home. For serious. Like, there's a peach orchard next to us and a cherry tree in our yard. That seriously makes me happy! Too bad this is yet again another temporary place if we really truly move


My child, along with everyone else's it seems, fell in love with Frozen the moment he watched it. Yep, boys love it too. Ha ha. I know everyone's sick of it by now, of course. But I never wrote about it and I think it's important to document Kal's lo

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