Women of History

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Added: June 13, 2011
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Discovery of Bronze Age Woman

Image from The ScotsmanFrom Past Horizons:In March 2012, a GUARD Archaeology team, led by Maureen Kilpatrick, undertook a rescue excavation when a cist was inadvertently disturbed during landscaping works following the construction of an access track

Blanche Mortimer Found

From Medievalists dot com:The discovery of a body inside a church memorial has caused amazement in the world of archaeology and surprised experts. Michael Eastham, a conservator of sculpture has been working on the memorial in a Herefordshire Church

Discovery of Maiden Crown

From Past Horizons Archaeology:During excavations in Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark, archaeologists found burials dating between 11th – 17th centuries and included a grave that obviously belonged to a noblewoman. She had been buried with her head rest

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