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Medieval Movement of Belgian Holy Women

The Medieval Movement of Holy Women That Shaped Belgian Cities | Atlas ObscuraBeguines were a religious movement of women who weren’t wives but also weren’t fully ordained in a religious order.

Crusader debris found on Mount Zion

Debris from crusader attack on Queen of Jerusalem found on Mount Zion - Archaeology - Haaretz - Israel News | Haaretz.comExcavations carried out on Mt. Zion have found a destruction layer dating to the 12th century C.E., when Baldwin III stormed ...

Skeleton Of Medieval Giantess Unearthed From Polish Cemetery

Skeleton Of Medieval Giantess Unearthed From Polish CemeteryJust outside of the Medieval church of the Ostrów Lednicki stronghold in Poland, archaeologists have unearthed the strange burial of a giantess. The woman’s skeleton showed that ...

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