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Added: October 23, 2011
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This Week’s Vintage Review

Vintage Christmas: Christmas wisdom (plus a great video) from Bing Crosby The different faces of Santa over the decades Santa and his showgirls Vintage Cinema and Stage: Kissing the bride (who is Marilyn Monroe) A beautiful Audrey Hepburn signing aut

Recap: 1920s week on We Heart Vintage

It’s been a rather 1920s week this week – fitting as it’s the last episode of Downton Abbey tonight (v. excited). We’ve had flapper fashion, the most amazing mugshots and Ziegfeld girls as well as so much more. What decade should we do next w

One vintage announcement, one jewellery giveaway!

I’ve got some exciting news. I’ve been busy squirreling away at a *brand new vintage project*! My new obsession is called VintageGazer. It’s a visual resource where I hope to share the very best of vintage on the internet. How to ge

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