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Added: November 05, 2011
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Nebraska Tornado (June 16th, 2014)

from WeatherStorm.Net: Very powerful supercell over Northeastern Nebraska produces tornadoes from Stockton to Pilger, Nebraska and also rare dual violent tornadoes! This was an unprecedented tornado outbreak that also caused destruction in Pilger, NE

Kyla Grogan Hot Weather Girl (Weather Channel)

from The Weather Channel: Kyla Grogan. Hot meteorologist. How she pronounces her name and how it's spelled don't match up. But who gives a damn. Right? vloghog

Jacqueline Bennett Hot California Weather Girl (KRON-4)

from KRON 4: Chief Meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett. What's the difference between a Chief Meteorologist and a regular meteorologist? Who cares. vloghog

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