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Added: June 28, 2011
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Good Health is Happiness

My Kids smile is my happiness.I have a daughter and a son.They use to be engaged and occupied with one or other activity all the day. I admire them playing, roaming and staying active throughout the day.If their health is good they neither won't sit

17 Verbs to describe Speaking

Bring life to your words and conversation by using correct vocabulary.Most commonly used words like speak,say,talk are good and perfect to use and that's why we are using those words often.1.Speak - Please speak out.2.Talk

15 Adjectives to describe Taste

1.Savoury - to describe salty or spicy food/snacks/dishes which does not contain sweet. Eg : Savoury biscuits.2.Salty - when excessive salt in a food, we say it as salty food.When you eat biscuits without sugar or sweet, it is savoury biscuit not sal

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