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Added: June 28, 2011
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If you've got it, flaunt it!

One fine day I met you and that moment my life changed #fantastico.My everyday is peppy beholding your spellbinding beauty.I am lucky and feel proud to possess you.Dear, who created you?I want to thank and express my gratitude for bringing you in my

10 Simple Things can Make your Life Peppy

If you are sick of drab days, follow these simple steps to make your life #peppy.1. Do things which you love to do. It may be a silly thing or challenging task, don't hesitate. Do it and enjoy the life. Spend time for yourself and for the things whic

An Inspiring Story of Rana

I am Rana working in a mechanic shop. I am from an indigent family with no background. I have to earn daily wages for fulfilling my basic needs every day. I aspire to live a sophisticated life in the society. Poverty and its #impact damages my happy

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