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Added: February 24, 2012
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Sentō Imperial Palace (仙洞御所 Sentō Gosho) Tour, Kyoto

There are a couple of free activities that can be done when visiting Kyoto, and one of them is to visit the palaces. In order to visit join the Sentō Imperial Palace, you would need to join the free tours conducted and managed by the Imperial ...

Our (failed) attempt at doing 2 Imperial Tours in a day (Kyoto)

Being ambitious, we wanted to see and do all we could. So, we booked the (free) tours online for both the Kyoto Imperial Palace (in the morning) and Sentō Imperial Palace (in the afternoon). However, despite our enthusiasm we woke up a little ...

Getting to Universal Studios Japan from Kyoto

Excited to head to Universal Studios, Osaka, we woke up as early as we could and made our way from our Kyoto AirBnB Apartment to Tofukuji Station. It was a relatively busy morning with students making their way to school at about 8:30-9:00am. ...

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