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Writing II Mid-Semester Students’ Writings 2015 C and D Class on Smoke Problems

This time, you are required to write an argumentative essay on the following question: "What can you argue about the smoke problem that happens in Indonesia this year (2015)?" Continue reading →

Students’ Writings on Movies – Essay 2, WRITING II for 2014 C and D

Welcome back! Previously, you have sent your first essay to me and most of the essays is interesting, although for specific aspects, you need to revise more and edit more before you publish your essay. This time, your task is to send your second essa

Writing Assignments for Classes of WRITING II, Academic Year 2015-2016

This post is designed for students who are taking Writing II course with me. The topic of this post is designed by following the course syllabus for WRITING II. ===================================== For students, please follow the following instructi

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