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Added: December 09, 2011
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Assignment 4 – Writing 1 2015 A, B, C, D

Students, previously, you had learned much about the elements of a good academic paragraph. They are topic sentence, supporting sentences (with supporting details), and concluding sentence. Please bear in mind that we still move on with that concept.

Psycholinguistics – Midterm TBI A & B 2016

Dear Students of Psycholinguistics Class, We have discussed about Mechanisms of Language Acquisition and How Children Construct Grammars, started from our discussion with Stages in Language Acquisition, The Perception and Production of Speech Sounds,

Midterm-English Course (Indonesian Lang. and Litt. Edu. Study Program)

Dear Students, To those of you who enroll in my class for English course, please submit your midterm test writing on the comment section of this post. You may enter your name and email address completely. The due time for this task is on Monday, Apri

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