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The finest British sarcasm and parody
Added: December 12, 2012
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Daily Mail to Help Write Labour Election Strategy

The Daily Mail could be a strong contender to lead Labour’s General Election strategy in 2015, a senior member of the shadow cabinet has hinted today. The MP, who cannot be named for reasons of prematurely provoking another barrage of self-defeatin

Miliband Drivel Part of Deeper Labour Strategy

Ed Miliband has hinted that he his use of meaningless drivel could be an attempt to divert attention away from himself as much as possible. The Labour leader hopes that by using incredibly meaningless soundbites like ‘one nation’, he may

Julian Assange to Play Benedict Cumberbatch in Cumberbatch Movie

Ecuadorian embassy lodger Julian Assange has announced that he is to play Benedict Cumberbatch in the upcoming low budget movie ‘Being Benedict’. The statement comes in the wake of last weeks revelation that the controversial Wikileaks founder ha

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