The Frame of Shame

Added: September 14, 2011
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A shocking volume of garbage

A shocking volume of garbageThose who pass along this highway risk exposure to disease as they pass along this massive pile of garbage. This is just a small glimpse of the massive piles of garbage that have piled up between Lapu-Lapu Highway ...

Urgent? Vacant ? What is goin' on?

Urgent? Vacant ? What is goin' on?The NHS only treats conditions it can cure .If you have multi conditions you are passed from pillar to post & if you have Alzheimers you lose your home having to access care which is funded privately as does ...

Stiil Life / Turning a blind eye to...

Stiil Life / Turning a blind eye to...No disabled parking .. No parking ticket whilst the deregulated Government allows the Chronically Sick & Disabled Act 1970 to be ignored. Photo submitted by Julie Shrive, from London UK

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