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Added: November 18, 2012
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How Facing Your Fears Makes You A Better Person

So very recently I went sky diving.  Recently, meaning a couple days ago. Now I wasn’t afraid of sky diving and I’m not afraid of heights, but jumping out of an airplane for the first time tends to make people just a little nervous. Waiting for

Summer Fun in the Sun

We’re almost through spring and the weather is finally starting to get beautiful.  No longer we are stuck inside at the mercy of mother nature and jack frost. I’m going to give you a quick list of activities that you can do in the great

A Caveman’s Guide to the Paleo Diet

It’s the latest diet, except its only been around since the beginning of man. The Paleo diet. So what is the Paleo diet exactly? Quick answer: Eating clean like a caveman, no processed foods. Longer answer:  Well, eating Paleo is the healthies

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