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Added: January 03, 2013
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John Schilling Former FBI Informant Detailed Rick Scott's Criminal Enterprise.

John Schilling, the original whistleblower on HCA/Columbia and Rick Scott's Medicare fraud, held a press conference in Tallahassee on Monday, October 6th, 2014.Post by Florida Democratic Party.

17 Political Memes That Meme Something!

Jon Stewart Destroys Fox NewsUS Military Budget MemeMissile Launchers and ExtremistsMinimum Wage MemeRepublicans Appose the Right to VoteInvest in our own CountryVoting Democrat is the best result!

Newly Discovered Cause of High Blood Pressure and Obesity

Check your blood pressure regularlyDr. Johnson is one of the physicians on the cutting edge of sugar metabolism research today, his focus being on how the overabundance of sugar in the American diet -- particularly fructose -- is causing obesity, hyp

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