The Cornish Republican

Ideas for an empowered Kernow in the 21st century.

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Ideas for an empowered Kernow in the 21st century.
Added: December 31, 2010
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True devolution? Has localism merely meant passing power to unelected micro-quangos?

Professor Richard Batley, University of Birmingham (School of Government and Society) writes in the FT: “Constitutional devolution, convincingly argued, could be attractive in England, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland . .. . Wes

Kan Etrebroadel al Labourerien - The International in Breton

The 'flaws' of French democracy

BBC News - The 'flaws' of French democracy: Is France a democracy? Most people would assume there is a straightforward answer - "Yes". After all, France has free and fair elections. However, there is more to a truly democratic society than elections

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