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Added: November 09, 2012
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My new Samsung TV

Hi Guys! Just wanted to apologise for the lack of recent updates over the past few weeks. I have just moved into a new apartment so I have been extremely busy. Although this presents a fantastic opportunity to talk about the new tech I will ...

My Next Laptop Computer

This next blog post is going to be focused around what I plan to be my next laptop purchase; the Samsung Series 9 Ultra Book. This laptop comes in both 13 and 15 inch screen sizes – although the 15 inch isn’t readily available yet in the ...

Iphone5 User Review

Hi guys! So I have now been using my Apple iPhone 5 for nearly 6 months so thought I best deliver my verdict on it. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas by contacting me on The Display Coming from an iPhone 4 screen ...

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