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Added: July 04, 2010
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The Magazine – July 2011

Letting the sun shine in… Summer is at last in full swing, and so are we. We begin July with our feet planted more firmly. Our schedule is coming together, and we are picking up new writers. We’re still tinkering with the site, enabling r

Eat Cheap Shit, an introduction

This is the introductory post for Eat Cheap Shit, my new column about cheap food, sexuality and cooking, and families going broke. May it be the start to a long run of posts about dirt-cheap yet delicious deals. On Tuesday, I sat with my best friend

Political Roundup, 5/4/11

Thirty percent of GOP still believe Obama not born in the U.S. — Because some people are just brain dead in all ways but the clinical. Although, I must be honest here — who didn’t see this coming? Teacher tells 9th grade Muslim girl

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