is a weblog about Urban Art, Streetart und Graffiti artist, galleries and exhibitions. is a commented documentation about whats happening in the streets of the cities around the world and quotes from the web.

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Faunagraphic or Faune Graff is one of the few female greffiti artists. Her artwork creations boast a mixture of nature, fantasy, surrealism and caricatures using animals, nature and female characters influenced by her childhood in west yorkshire. ...

FinDAC in LA

„Ressurection of Angels -Part 1“ at Love Shack in Venice, CA. It’s an Asianbeauty. A collaboration of finDAC and Teevans3. The gigantic wall painting even reaches into a window. The top part of the head has been painted on a panel that ...

„The Walls of Montreal“

„The Walls of Montreal“ is a documentary by Ezra Soiferman, showing the different murals in the city of Montreal. The film was created in the years from 2013 to 2016. Ezra was inspired by her daughter, with whom she discovered daily new ...

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