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Written by a South Florida builder the blog discusses real estate, building and the housing market in South Florida.

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Written by a South Florida builder the blog discusses real estate, building and the housing market in South Florida.
Added: October 08, 2009
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What's in a Garage Door?

When building a custom home the garage door may not seem like a big deal but, it can complete any exterior look and as such should have some thought put into it.There are many different options when it come to garage doors. While only a few years the

Why build a custom home?

There are many reason to consider building a custom home versus buying an existing home.One good reason to build a custom home is that it is brand new and made specifically for your needs. Every family is different and as such they value different fu

Single Family Home Construction Returning to South Florida

According to Metrostudy single-family home construction grew by 37% in Palm Beach County and 14% in Broward when comparing 2012 to 2011. Home construction is used as a way to gauge the overall health of the economy. When homebuyers show interest in b

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