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Added: June 13, 2011
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A Matter of Worth and What Really Matters

What does it take to truly make one’s self humble? What does it take to make one’s self small? What does it take to truly die to self? I suggest many do not know, myself included. We know Jesus did it and we even intellectually assent to this fac

Unanswered Questions II: Your God Is No Match For Me

This is another installment in a series centering on specific questions raised in the Bible that are not given specific or explicit answers. They are not answered because they are rhetorical questions or they were not really intended to be answered.

Post Rock I: Decoder Ring-They Blind The Stars, And The Wild Team

I usually post on theological or biblical items but occasionally decide to post on other items of interest (because it's my blog). Anyone that knows me knows that I have taken a shining to music called Post Rock and Ambient recently. I guess back in

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