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Sin By Any Other Name Is Still Sin

In light of what I view as a continued moral slide towards national ruin recently highlighted by court rulings in favor of homosexual marriage and a governmentÂ’s refusal to defund Planned Parenthood, I felt like writing a social commentary on sin.S

A Thief Breaking Into A Prison

I like paradoxes in the Scriptures. I like earth shattering paradigm shifts. If the Scriptures contain anything they are filled with beautiful twists of circumstance that could've only been God working behind them in His sovereign will. So when I rea

What's Expected of You If You Accept II: Abiding In Christ

Those that would chose to follow Christ should expect dogged resistanceÂ…even from right within their own family. Those that did not experience this or were not willing to experience this were either not Christian or were not worthy to be a Christia

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