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Understanding Islam XXXVII: Islamic Naskh Is Contradiction, Part 1

Yes, the next three posts are extremely long but as you will find, they are predominately a list you can cut-n-paste. We must understand the idea of Islamic Naskh/Tasfir or abrogation. Once a reader understands the truth of Naskh/Tasfir abrogation ...

Understanding Islam XXXVI: Nazil Revelation & Bizarre Behavior, Part 2

The last few posts have leds us into the question of inspiration and makes us focus on Muhammad himself. We’ve already said that Allah requires agents in the form of prophets to communicate his truth to his creation. Yet how does Allah communicate ...

Understanding Islam XXXV: Nazil Revelation & Bizarre Behavior, Part 1

The interesting thing to note about Allah’s supposed revelation to Muhammad about the Qur’an is the complete lack of corroborating evidence that the Christian Scriptures supply. What do I mean? I am speaking of the Muhammad’s Nazil Revelation ...

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