Soo Shim Kwan ITF Tae Kwon Do

Soo Shim Kwan ITF Tae Kwon Do

Soo Shim Kwan ITF Tae Kwon Do
Added: January 03, 2011
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Soo Shim Kwan Clubs at the SATI National Tournament

The South Africa Taekwon-Do Institute hosted its first annual national tournament on Saturday, 10 September. The two Soo Shim Kwan clubs, the Potchefstroom Taekwon-Do Club (PTC) and the Horangi Taekwon-Do Club from Groblersdal, participated ...

A Sine Wave Motion Description

Following is a description of the sine wave motion: “Your waist rises as you twist and falls as you overturn. Rise equals go, fall equals strike. Together they mean to strike like a rolling wave. Each part must be clearly differentiated; ...

A Deadly Weapon

“A while ago I was a bit disillusioned by the thought of practicing a martial art that was made out of racism, spite, politics, that was later used for murder, abduction, assassination plots, bomb scares, political gain and segregation. Been ...

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