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Smart Rain Art: Now You See It, Now You Don't

I suppose we all can associate with that dreary feeling that comes along with those dark, rainy days. Those days are no fun and I have the tendency to just go to sleep until the rays of the sun brighten up the world again. It is bad enough watching

Artfully Handcrafted: MARY’s Recipes. Taste And Share The Secret Ingredients!

This post brought to you by MARY's secret ingredients. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Scribbles.I may be pretty creative when it comes to arts and crafts, but I sure lack the ingenuity when it comes to cooking. I usually whip up

Pinewood Derby Cars: Designs And Templates

I wasn't aware of Pinewood Derby Car races until our oldest grandson joined the cub scouts and had to make one. He received a car kit from the scouts, was told to shape it in anything he wanted, and was given the date it had to be ready for the race.

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