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Added: May 22, 2012
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Todays Workout - 20 Minutes to Save the World...

Sorry it's been awhile since the last post - I've been working hard on a few new projects and putting the final touches on a new Sandbag Training book! If you have an interest in being lean and strong then you will love this new book, trust me. How d

Guest Post from - Unconventional Training Techniques of Old-time Strongmen

This months guest post comes from Henry Croft at I'm a huge fan of traditional training techniques that aren't necessarily mainstream, but still work. So, I was delighted when I got this in my inbox! Check it out:Image: WikipediaThe

Todays Workout - Your Call, Meatball

10 Sandbag Ground-to-Overhead (any technique allowed as long as bag touches the ground and goes overhead with straight legs and arms per rep),10 Sandbag Walking Lunges (Front, Back, Zercher, Shoulder or Overhead sandbag hold)200m Run.Repeat 5 rounds

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