Ruthless Truth

Ruthless Truth

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Ruthless Truth
Added: October 18, 2010
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More Edinburgh Interpretation - Quantum Superpositions And Historical Coherence

Hello everyone. Just got a new question from a new subscriber - firstly, thanks so much for the support, it makes this possible. Secondly, it's a great question that really digs in to the differences between the new ideas about time and Quantum Me

Exciting Quantum Question

Got a great question from someone in the comments - it was on some of the work I've done in the area of Quantum Mechanics.  It's a great question, so I wanted to go into some detail on it, and I'll leave it to you to check out.  Do forgive a starvi

Why The Arizona Gay Jim Crow Law Is A Good Thing

Hello dear readers, I've been moved to come down from my Ivory Tower and comment on things happening In Real Life, to whit, the passage of a law in Arizona that legalises descrimination against gay people, on religious grounds.  Every business in t

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