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A humorous, smart, NFL football blog

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A humorous, smart, NFL football blog
Added: September 03, 2009
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The 2013 NFL season in 160 seconds (VIDEO)

Super Bowl week is upon us, and in order to prepare ourselves mentally for the big game ahead, it often helps to look back upon the season that was, to remember how exactly we got here in the first place. Fortunately for those with attention deficit

Bad Lip Reading is back with More NFL (VIDEO)

The hilarious folks at Bad Lip Reading have set their sights on the NFL once again, and have produced perhaps their best work to-date.  In addition to the normal sideline rants and interviews, the inclusion of the player intros is new this time arou

Richard Sherman interview gets the WWF treament (VIDEO)

By now you’ve all seen  it.  When outspoken Seahawks CB Richard Sherman went ballistic on Erin Andrews (video below), just moments after sealing a trip to the Super Bowl for his team, he became the central focus of an entire nation.  Sherman

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