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The solar eclipse of January 4, 2011 was a partial eclipse of the Sun that was visible after sunrise over most of Europe, northwestern and South Asia. It ended at sunset over eastern Asia. It was visible as a minor partial eclipse over northern Afric

Eusebiu ?tef?nescu - Arhivarul clipei

Actor Eusebiu Stefanescu, a natural elegance, passed awayActor Eusebiu Stefanescu was a "presence of a natural elegance", an actor who lived intensely through theatre and poetry, a press release by the Theatre Union of Romania (UNITER), sent AGERPR

ROGER WATERS - Perfect Sense

Hey...girlTake out the daggerAnd let's have a stab at the sexual revolutionHey girlLet freedom for all be our rallying callTomorrow lets make...our new resolutionYeah, but tonight lie stillWhile I plunder your sweet graveAnd rememberOnly the poor can

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