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Post-Newtown Tragedy: Is gun control really the answer? The need to legitimize mental health profession, focus on prevention, and fight stigma of mental illness in America.

Post-Newtown: Where do we go from here? It has been three months since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut shocked the world and left 26 people dead [the majority of them children]. The saying, “time heals all wounds” hardly seems appropr

Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With The Victims And Families in Newtown, Connecticut….But Are We Doing Enough To Prevent Future Tragedies?

I wonder if I am the only one who questions the following: Are we, as Americans, Parents, and Christians doing enough to prevent terrible tragedies like the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school? As a clinician in the helping profession,

Palmetto Counseling’s Open House & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrating 4 Years Serving the Rock Hill Community!

We would like to thank everyone who attended Palmetto Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC’s Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrating four years serving the Rock Hill Community! Our sincere gratitude to God, family, friends,  physi

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