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Your hub for all things Japanese Pop Culture
Added: July 20, 2011
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Reference Resource Mondays: The World This Genius Only Knows

I guess before I can get started with this week’s Reference Resource Mondays, I have to go take a quick look back at a series that I became accustomed to reading after it started by watching it, and how it managed to affect this blog in a small

Advice on Manga Adapting, From Manga Adapters

Welcome to the final part in my manga project advice series. In case you missed it, it started with letterers, then translators, and then editors. The plan is to hopefully look back at everything later this week, so for now, let’s focus on mang

Oh Right, We Forgot To Talk About Ping Pong!

I really did not like the first half of this episode. The second half completely changed my mind. I really don’t feel like Ping Pong needs a ton of introduction: thus far, it’s a group of kids playing ping pong. To be more specific though, the fi

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