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Your hub for all things Japanese Pop Culture

Your hub for all things Japanese Pop Culture
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Notes of Baby Steps Episode 10

Last week on Baby Steps, Eiichirou won his first two matches of the Junior Tennis Tournament, and got another shot at winning the third round. Summary of Baby Steps Episode 10 Eiichirou and Miyagawa’s third round match has begun, and Eiichirou ...

Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog Adventure, Week 9

It’s almost Summer Season isn’t it? That’s not good! Now, the good news is I’ve reached the 20′s, and starting to close out some titles that I’ve had trouble with. The bad news is, hey, Summer Season is almost here

What is English Light Novels? A Stop For All To Learn About LN

Not too long ago, while being on Twitter, I saw a post about English light novels from a person I’ve been following for a while now. My initial reaction was, “wait what?” Mostly because it’s not like LN’s have taken stor

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