Notes from underground

An independent look at Nevada and national politics.

An independent look at Nevada and national politics.
Added: March 26, 2009
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Blogger's new user-hostile interface and other atrocities

I din't think I would post again on this blog at this site, since I moved it to here.The main reason for moving was the new user-hostile user interface and reduced graphics functionality.But now something else has cropped up. I still have a family hi

This blog has moved

This blog has moved to foisting of the new user-hostile Blogger interface on users was the last straw.

Overdone stuff on Facebook

On Facebook recently there seems to be a proliferation of pictures to illustrate sayings, slogans or cliches.It tends to be the opposite of the "Occupy" movement -- 99% are bad or meaningless, and a waste of bandwidth. The words themselves aren't wor

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