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Momoko In Eorzea Part 3: Final Cutscenes and Zodiacs

Man...I just finished the final cutscene before Heavensward T_T What an emotional cutscene. So damn much is happening and so damn much happened that it is impossible to talk about it without spoilers. I had many screenshots but alas I cannot sh

Momoko In Eorzea Part 2: Easter!

Hi all! Easter has come and gone yesterday, both in Eorzea and in real life. Since this is officially the first time I'm doing an Easter related event, I actually consulted the Great Wikipedia to now more about it since I'm not Christian. As us

Momoko In Eorzea Part I: Introduction!

Heavensward expansion is just around the corner, so what better time to jump start this little blog by chronicling what I spend most of my time doing after work: Final Fantasy XIV! (?`o´)?(?`o´)? Let's go!!! First, a few introductions! A

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