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Momoko In Eorzea Part 5: "Disappearance of Rai Dunia Side Story: Misadventures of Momoko and her Popotoes"

(This post is pure 'rant' style. I'm just going to type whatever's on my mind in attempts to recount what was on my mind with minimal vetting, if any at all. Sorry for any bad English you encounter. Please enjoy my verbal vomit ^_^) Last Tuesday, ou

Momoko In Eorzea Part 4: "New weapons and getting ready for Heavensward!"

Heavensward is coming in around a month time! So some of us are kicking into the gear of clearing as much content as we can before it hits. Well, firstly, we cleared T9 for the first time as an FC! It was a swell journey, hiccups here and there bu

April 2015 update!

It's April and a month more to my birthday!  So me and a group of friends did a 3-day Tioman retreat. For those who don't know, Tioman is a nice island off the coast of Malaysia. It's nice to experience life with almost no internet for 3-days. So

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