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Side CLOUD Load - download files from any website directly to Dropbox

Imagine that you have stumbled into the network at a very interesting file, but download it to the currently used computer or mobile device you can not or do not want. In such situations, you will help service sideCLOUDload , which allows you ...

How do I insert a tweet in a blog post or an article

If you write articles or posts on your blog, sometimes you might want to quote your own or someone else's tweet. Today I was surprised to find that it can be done right from the web interface of Twitter. Like this:

Do Not Disturb Registry

Do Not Disturb lets you suppress incoming phone rings and audio alerts, even those from apps. You can schedule a recurring time for it to kick in, say between midnight and 6am in the morning, when you're in bed. For more granular control, you ...

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