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Added: November 14, 2012
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6 annoying mistakes to avoid when video or phone conferencing

“That conference call was a zoo – every time our manager talked we heard his Chihuahua going crazy. Someone had loud music playing in the background… and of course, there was that person who always has internet issues.” In this day and age, v

Why organizations and employees should be actively engaged in corporate social media

A recent study published by The State of Corporate Social Media reports that over 470 U.S. and European companies stated that social media is becoming a more important part of their marketing efforts. Additionally, 61% of the over 850 companies surve

The best sales people don’t sell; they help people buy

At times, sales representatives are stereotyped as only concerned with the end result, the sale, and not the client’s decision-making journey. The best sales people take their client’s wants and needs and provide them with the product or service

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