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Added: December 07, 2009
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Science and Buddhism

By Melvin E. Klegerman Washington, D.C. The following article is based on a presentation made on August 2, 1996, at the 1996 Conference of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies at DePaul University in Chicago. The presentation was part of a symp

Learning from Bodhisattva Never Disparaging

By Shin Yatomi SGI-USA Vice Study Department LeaderAugust 01, 1999 Introduction“I would never dare disparage you, for you are all certain to attain Buddhahood!” (The Lotus Sutra,

The Art of Listening with the Eyes of the Buddha

I think the ability to hear ourselves, and the ability to see everything from the viewpoint of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, means to be able to view all of life from the standpoint of the law of causality.THE GOHONZON IS NOT OUTSIDE USI find tha

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