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How Can I Compete With a Cash Buyer When Buying a Home?

The real estate market in Los Angeles is tight right now and if you are a buyer, especially a first-time home buyer, I am sure you are thinking “how can I compete with a cash buyer?” To be perfectly honest competing agains a cash offer is

Baby Boomers, Ready to Start Downsizing?

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? If so you are part of the generation known as baby boomers. And if you were born in the earlier part of that period are you ready to start downsizing?

Looking for the Perfect Home in Los Angeles?

You are in the market and looking for the perfect home in Los Angeles. What would be the perfect home for you? We will assume for this exercise that you know your price limit in terms of your pre-approval and what you are prepared to spend. The lis

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