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Back to the Future – Prepaid Interest Explained

It doesn't take a time traveler to appreciate the fact some folks are just inherently going to have a problem with paying today for something that won't come due until tomorrow. Especially when that something is perhaps ill-explained and/or part of

Why Do I Need to be Pre-Approved Before I Look For a Home?

Buying a home in Los Angeles is not just a matter of looking for one, you need to be ready to make the purchase. Without a formal confirmation from a lender that you qualify for a loan you will not be able to make an offer on a property. And in a se

The Home Inspection in a Multiple Offer Situation

The Los Angeles real estate market is still favoring sellers and many if not most homes for sale receive many offers. In a multiple offer situation the inspection becomes a more delicate matter than usual since there will almost certainly be one or t

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