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What Happens if Your Home Does Not Appraise?

You have made an offer on a Los Angeles property and are wondering what happens if the home does not appraise? Care needs to be taken on both sides to ensure that the seller does not end up taking an offer at a price which will end up not meeting th

Can You Buy a Home in Los Angeles Without Being Here?

You are moving to our fair city and wondering whether you can buy a home in Los Angeles without being here?  It may seem like a daunting task, but it is not impossible and may be easier than you thought. Of course it would help if you know the city

It’s Like an Accident. You Just Can’t Look Away

Sometimes we real estate agents lose out on listings even from our old clients. It is generally not because of some failing or ours, or something we omitted in our presentation. It could be because the seller is impressed with the size of someone el

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